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    In this almanac appear stories of love, renewal, the importance of community and our relationship to the earth. Shadowing these lighter themes are darker truths of untold atrocities committed by settlers on indigenous Australians during colonisation, the mass hysteria regarding a Scottish witch-hunt, flourishing love and good old-fashioned heartbreak.

    The album weaves a compelling musical tapestry balancing contemporary influences with classic, folk-rooted song writing and is the third studio album by Anglo-Australian quartet Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo.

    This is the physical CD version of Almanac which is delivered in a triple gatefold card sleeve featuring the stunning artwork by Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini.

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Billowing Sea You'll just move on with nothing much darker than the beat of guilt in your heart nothing more heavy than sorry in your soul nothing sadder than goodbye in your mouth don't know why I held onto something that's been broken for so long could have been for the reason of all we once were or for faith in what was to come Could have been for the reason I knew that your decision was based on a moment of your heart's contradiction don't know why I held onto something that's been broken for so long For every sun I poured over you, for every silence and song for every cloud I blew away, everything I have done there will be a billowing sea of light and liberty I gave my all and even more for the sake of the giver in me Now all my bridges have fallen in the water and all my hope has reluctantly gone under there will be a billowing sea of light and liberty
Reckless 04:54
Reckless Water drips and sings softly in coves where grief and love combine caches full of untold fables fall over unknowing minds I'll find my breath in the coastal air please slow down and I'll meet you there we can love and mourn at the same time we can love and mourn at the same time? On the steps of a new door with the past still flying open all the winds tumble around me from the north and from the south but no rules do I follow, to deny will land in sorrow does this story have no start nor end? does this story have no start nor end? Chorus: There's a reason to be reckless when a new hope hits the shore I've been drinking all those questions I don't wanna ask no more For every whole that broke and every height that fell before I'll risk it all again for the giddy sake of more, the giddy sake of more, the giddy sake of more To leave behind that day in folds, I'll follow with my eyes closed fingers crossed in an hour of loss, pray bust this heart wide open for nailed upon my memory hang moments slow to set me free but where we go know goodness we’ll find where we go know goodness we'll find Chorus
Ropes 03:47
Ropes In the month of May, your past began to bust open it's graves (in the month of May) and our love became a dance floor for your demons and mistakes (our love became) and truth it went the way of thieves, it stole your soul from under our feet by the month of June I was tiptoeing around your gloom (by the month of June) so I took my light and I shone upon your hiding places bright (with all my light) but the woods were old and you were buried deep and I could not persuade the dark to leave Chorus my heart could not hold him any closer nor bend any more than it did with ropes we set sail, in threads we land thank you for the good times, damn you for the bad by the month of July was when all my strength began to die (by the month of July) and the only thing I hadn't tried was to pull your conscience close to me and cry (that one I hadn't tried) but my tears were like the dew in spring and to you they did not mean a thing Chorus the month of August saw us leave behind a love we swore we'd keep (a love we'd keep) and I can afford no hope but I do wish that you find yourself through losing me and I will rave and flutter with a broken wing and mend me through this song I sing
Little Deaths On a word I could fly if it was for you and I just a "we'll be fine my love" but I look up and down and find you are not around nor the hope I'd hoped you'd find All the plans that did land like butterflies on my hand have all now flown from reach and this luxury of fine choice is leaving a debris of abandoned dream Chorus It's the little deaths of ideas that dash me against the rocks fill me full of wings until my heart stops Over the wall and into the wild all is unfamiliar Give me light! Give me laughs! Give me something I can grasp! and a blameless place to hide today Chorus On a word I could fly if it was for you and I just a "we'll be fine my love"
Dancers 03:01
Dancers Hide me in the wings a while let me catch my breath wipe the weary from this brow stretch the tired from these legs before I dance across your roads and underneath your streetlights before I move upon your stage in front of crowds made up of dancers Chorus Gulls drop into the sea I'm not sure where I should be waves crash through the streets leaving dangers and doves leaving loathes and loves by my feet Take me to the river's edge where the city opens lay my eyes in silhouettes and angles of the horizon there winds are freed from a jail of glass walls and sirens drown in the sand there I remember how to dance and stop fighting for places to land Chorus
Pause 03:47
Pause Who am I now without your love? Who am I alone in a day that has gone? Without your love to return upon, I'm a featherless bird in a sky so absurd Why oh why's there so much movement When all I long for is to lay down in love's pause And dream I know something of truth Oh hide me deeper in your peace further and lose me in this greed I've found in your need
Openings 02:51
Openings The future lays unwritten by hands that held power in the past mouths of those who listened find voices in the words you've lost the cracks that have begun to show will be the wings on which we soar so pass a tool prise it open and a pen to write the future now Stone in the water for every choice a consequence like a ripple to the shore for every move can you defend these dreams we've rolled over again in our fingers can begin if we seek to live by a society we want to create Chorus: There an opening lies there a hook to hold us there an end that finds a start to reasonings of a new kinds Our minds were enticed first by colours that kept our hearts at bay then secondly were taught to compete and not co-operate the ones who possess little are much less possessed so praise be to a moderate poverty and everything else is unnecessary
Calendar 03:24
Calendar will we hold onto the light or just play until it fades? will we draw a curtain across the sky and count down all our days? will our veins be filled with sand and our hearts be filled with ache? when the desert takes the land and the ground begins to shake ground begins to shake, ground begins to shake Chorus: No! Let's sing us a song 'til all seas become calm 'til all selves become one another then let's sing it again to remember where we've been all we lost and all we’ve learnt from each other Will the winds above the lake and the flowers in the glen one night sleep and never wake, one night dream a darkened end will all power turn to pain when the birds take flight and leave? will our intellect come save us or fail us when in need or fail us when in need, fail us when in need Chorus To the long-forgotten fields where your childhood memories lay to all the trees you ever climbed and the rivers where you bathed to all tomorrows shores that your children will all comb to the comets and the stars that they’ll be wishing on they’ll be wishing on, they’ll be wishing on Chorus
Light 03:58
Light Burnt leaves rode the winds that blew like ghosts through shivering trees and battered against the windows like thieves that were trying to get in then you broke through the glass and light fell in shapes on the ground Clouds built a storm despite us, still you said you'd wait for me and I took some time to get to where you said the shelter would be then we woke up the flowers and boundlessness roars all around! Chorus You wend your way like a dove through dark throwing faith at a dangerous hearts now every silence finds the words to shout truths we knew nothing about Blind-cornered and mapless the crash was as soundless as the instinct of seas light shook and it splintered and the water reflected all the beauty of that scene Chorus.
The Witch of Pittenweem Every morning I'd go with the dawn to the harbour where the gulls fought for guts, where the boats bayed and echoed where the waves wept and stormed like my heart that was stolen when a curse as cold as the sea pointed it's finger straight at me Chorus: Cruel Lord/ she has stalked me in dream You abandoned me/ The Witch of Pittenweem Left me to hang between the shore and the sea And the waves did rear/ and the bay did burst When they swallowed your lies/ when they heard my cry left me to roll between the earth and the sky In the dungeon deep, in the company of thieves I was pulled, I was pushed 'til my blood danced in mirrors 'til my life almost left, ‘til my words did confess to a crime I'd never commit in the cold month of January Chorus I escaped in the dark on the mercy of a guard to the house of a friend Oh but betrayal let 'em in! I was dragged through frozen streets with a rope around my heels then tied to the mast and the stones I could feel ‘til they cut me down, buried me under a door and the red waves lapped the shore Chorus
Bones 04:01
Bones The ghosts moored their boats upon the shore with hands and ropes they plucked the trembling stars and the sound of bones rattled on the wind and the salt of tears dropping in the sand The bones of birds and children beneath me lie the blood of stars, the blood of stars The whispered sin on a guiltless knife the silenced ring of a bullet in a life we hid ourselves in the stitching of a myth we hid by words in the history we bid The bones of birds and children beneath me lie the blood of stars on your hands and mine the blood of stars, the blood of stars when the fight was lost they fell with broken hearts a wound of a thousand cuts and a scar to last the ages


released February 7, 2011


all rights reserved



Emily Barker UK

Emily Barker is the award-winning songwriter and performer of the theme to BBC TV’s Wallander starring Kenneth Branagh. Her music is an indie blend of influences from alt-country to folk via 60s pop, with comparisons ranging from PJ Harvey to Joni Mitchell. ... more

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